DEL 3. JANUAR 2020 AL 7. JANUAR 2020


Veranstalter: Juan Pablo Bellina




The Tango Magno Festival starts at August 2017 in Buenos Aires, the Mecca of Tango, with the aim of providing an alternative of quality and its own imprint within the huge range of possibilities offered in the city. Created and directed by Juan Pablo Bellina, one of its characteristics is to bet for its headline by historical referents of dance and teaching, seconded by couples of recognized roots for the purest and most traditional dance. The festival begins on Tuesday 21 and ends on Sunday August 26. It offers an extensive program of classes and seminars with different teachers. Official Milongas: Yira Yira, Parakultural and Club Gricel. For detailed information, enter in the web page.

Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires